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~.~.・☆~・:* Automatic filter → microparticle filter --- no supplies, automatic circulation sewage, without human operation cleaning --- the best choice for water filtration ~.~.・☆~・:*

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Drum Filter



  1、Water to the introduction of the filter cylinder is
greater than the network diameter of the suspended particulates
are on file in the plastic filter piece (30μm/60μm/90μm),
clean water outflow from the outlet through the mesh.

  2、When the internal accumulated impurities to promote the water level rises in the drums (about 30cm) level (float) switch actuation, the water level controller of the control panel to start pressure washing motor spray rinse mesh (the same time rotating motor-driven drum rotation), dirtysewage impurities are collected in the sewage collection plate, and then discharged from the sewage outfall, to purify the effectiveness of water filtration.

  3、the wheel bracket to adopt the stainless steel 316L, support and strong.

  4、 Mesh mining plastic film + PET plastic, durable, wear-resistant, not rust.

  5、adopted fan-shaped high-pressure flushing filter cleaning strength.

  6、washed down the dirt in the sewage collection plate.


  ☆Advantages: no supplies (such as cotton filter, filter, quartz sand, diatomaceous earth, etc.), automatic circulation sewage, without human operation cleaning.


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