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~.~.・☆~・:* Automatic filter → microparticle filter --- no supplies, automatic circulation sewage, without human operation cleaning --- the best choice for water filtration ~.~.・☆~・:*



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To create a aerobiccleansafe and non-toxic family for aquatic animals

About Us

    Shyeh Duwai enterprise Co., Ltd. was established nearly 20 years ,  
We aims to create a
comfortable and non-toxic environment for fish, 
 shrimp, shellfish and aquatic. Shyeh
Duwai company in addition to the 
 wholesale distribution of all kinds of aquarium,
aquaculture machine 
 and equipment, such as water filtration, temperature control, water 
quality testing and monitoring ....

    We have a strong production team; and have successful exported
 the systems abroad.
Accumulated large-scale farming of the entire
 design and production of construction
experience, such as Japan,
 the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia,
Thailand .....

    Shyeh Duwai company to uphold the faith of the sustainable, 
 long-term and domestic
research institutes and University institutions,
 to develop new products; such as:
protein skimmer , UV sterilization ,
 Drum filter , cooling machine, FRP tank

 .. And so on, widely adopted by aquarium organs of schools and 
 aquaculture commercial.
Business philosophy
   Professional --- fish (shrimp, shellfish) machinery and equipment,
                      water treatment equipment and systematic planning.
   Innovation ----- Computerization, digitization, automation, development
                      of new
products to meet the industry to use.

   Quality -------- continuous improvement and strict control , 
                      and demand
the best product quality.

   Service -------- Having a strong R & D and production team,
                      We service our 
broad customers.



   ◆Aquaculture, aquarium fish for a Life support systems;
     product development,
design and improvement.

   ◆OEM, ODM production orders, production.
   ◆Professional recirculating aquaculture system(RAS)
     equipment wholesale trading.


  Shyeh Duwai intentions, you are more at ease, welcome calls  Ask ★  ★  ★


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